I’m a yoga practitioner and an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) as well as a writer, and have always been inspired by stories of healing—using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)– like these:

  • A middle-aged mother is told that her third diagnosis of cancer will be her last.  She survived the first two by enduring brutal rounds of radiation and disfiguring surgeries; now her system was too weak to sustain chemotherapy.  Something motivated her to embark on a personal journey to heal her own heart and consciousness; with the help of caring and committed CAMS caregivers , she has restored herself to cancer-free health.
  • A man with end-stage arthritis is told that knee-replacement surgery is his only option.  This is not acceptable to the ardent athlete, but his pain is growing inexorably more intense, unrelenting and unresponsive to pain medications.  He sought relief from a chiropractor who is also a wellness specialist, and is put on a regimen of fish oil, resveratrol and vitamin D3 that keeps him practically pain-free.
  • A young woman has suffered excruciating pelvic pain with every period for years due to endometriosis.  After years of hormone injections and multiple abdominal surgeries—including a hysterectomy—her gynecologist had given up.  However, she visited an acupuncturist, who in turn referred her for nutritional counseling.  By detoxing her system of the poisons in food that feed the disease, she has all but eliminated her pain.

Do you know how homeopathy heals, how Reiki remedies rheumatism, or how Rolfing rolls out painful trigger points?  I didn’t, either, until I wrote an Internet series on the increasing popularity and use of CAM worldwide. When I realized that wisdom that used to be shared by word-of-mouth over coffee, the back fence or the water cooler could now spread globally through the Web wizardry of Wiki technology, I founded

Now, just like on Wikipedia, anyone with stories to share about how CAM modalities enhance one another, or how they intersect with and influence traditional medicine, can upload their stories and share their experiences with the world.

I am available to write e-zines, e-books, and white papers for practitioners who want to contribute to the body of knowledge about their disciplines made available on