Girlfriends Magazine

1. P. 24 Foot Wars—The Price of Glamour. Jan/Feb 2010
Foot problems in women far outnumber those of men, primarily because of the shoes women wear, often choosing fashion over comfort.

2. P. 26 TMJ 101—Tempormandibular Joint Syndrome. May/June 2010
TMJ affects more than 60 million people nationally, with women afflicted twice as often as men.

Below are .pdfs of articles written for Girlfriends Magazine, but are not online:

3. P.37 Depression. November/December 2010
Depression has been called the common cold of mental illness, affecting more than 30 million Americans.

4. P.32 Osteoporosis 101. September/October 2010
Osteoporosis is a silent, sneaky killer, afflicting nearly 23 million women in the U.S., but there are diagnostic, prevention and treatment options.

5. P. 32 Muscle Strains—Menacing Muscles. July/August 2010
Muscle pulls are an equal-opportunity ailment that can cause minor discomfort or render you inactive. Prevention is the best medicine.