About Azna

I see the world as made not of atoms, quarks and strings but of stories. That’s no doubt because I’m a storyteller with a lifelong love of the words.

It doesn’t matter what form the words take—newspaper and magazine articles, book reviews and business plans, annual reports and award-winning series for PBS, press releases and prizewinning plays—I’ve written them all, and more.  I’ve published some fiction, done standup comedy and I’m part of a storytelling group that turns real lives into art.

Majoring in History at Carleton College began a quest to dig beneath the litany of wars and politics to look at the lives and decisions of the real people who brought us to now for clues to creating a better future.

An interview with Roots author Alex Haley I did for the front page of The Wall Street Journal launched not only a miniseries and a movement, but major shift in consciousness. Millions who decided to dig up their own roots also uncovered a big question: How do we overcome our fates—the limitations of genes, gender and the times into which we’re born—to achieve our destinies?

These days, that story would most likely have gone viral on YouTube: there’s been a mass migration of consumer eyeballs away from the traditional media I used to work for–newspapers, magazines and network TV—to the Internet, social media and smart phones.

For entrepreneurs eager to recast consumers’ problems as creative possibilities, we’ve entered an amazing, exciting era in human history: we can connect with anyone—individuals or groups—anytime, anywhere. With blogs, e-zines, e-books, white papers, webinars, short videos for YouTube, and podcasts you can tailor your message to any niche.

Now, writing this kind of content isn’t easy; I’ve spent 40 years in print and audio-visual media learning how to make it look easy. And my old-school copy editing skills keep it clean and accurate.  (Don’t count on your Spell Checker. I frequently have to correct mine– the program was probably written by a text-messaging Millenial).

Want to write a new, well-told story for the future—and inspire others to do the same?
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